Freefly MoVI PRO Handheld Gimbal

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MōVI Pro is a lightweight, portable system that is the heart of a filmmaking ecosystem. The MōVI Pro family is adaptable, expandable, and flexible enough to allow users to create production quality content quickly, easily, and repeatedly.
MōVI Pro is designed from the ground up to minimize downtime on set. Hot swappable intelligent batteries power the MōVI Pro, camera, and all accessories to keep you shooting all day long… with only one type of batteries to charge.

Freefly has tightly integrated the MōVI Pro with RED cameras to allow users to access RED camera controls from hundreds of feet away using either the MōVI Controller or the new MIMIC controller.

The camera and lenses combos you can use with MōVI Pro will be influenced by the mass and length of the camera package. MōVI Pro is not designed around any specific camera/lens combination, but rather a combination of weight, size, and shape. You will need to take into consideration how the entire camera/lens package as a whole, fits on MōVI Pro.

*cameras for the MoVI PRO are priced separate


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GETTING TO KNOW MōVI PRO SPECIFICATIONS DIMENSIONS MōVI Pro 345 × 345 × 432mm (L×W×H) Camera Cage 196 × 200 × 175mm (L×W×H) MECHANICAL Pan Range of Motion Unlimited Roll Range of Motion ±60º Tilt Range of Motion (Normal Mode) +90º above horizontal to -165º below horizontal Tilt Range of Motion (Inverted Mode) +165º above horizontal to -90º below horizontal Max Pan Rate 360º/s Max Roll Rate 360º/s Max Tilt Rate 360º/s Weight 2.65kg Max Payload 6.80kg Max Operating Speed 100km/hr (dependent on payload) Operating Temperatures -20° to 50°C Ingress Protection IP52 (dust & water droplet protected) Mounting System Freefly Toad In The Hole (TITH) Quick Release ELECTRONICS Data Logging Rate 5, 10, and 25 Hz Connections Bluetooth Low Energy v4.2 and 2.4GHz Custom FHSS Radio Motor Type Direct-drive 3 phase Brushless Data Storage microSD Port Types GCU ports: COM1, 12V, COM 2 TSU Ports: LTC Timecode In/Out, EXP, CANbus + Battery Voltage, CAM, 12-14V CAM, 12V AUX, F,I,Z, USB Type C