MYT Works 4ft Slider w/ 100mm mount

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MYT Works Glide Slider dollies are designed to meet the practical needs of professional camera operators: smooth camera motion, modular parts for numerous quick setups, portability, and durability to withstand the rigors of production work. The Glide Sliders feature double-extruded rails, providing the rigidity to eliminate the need for center support. Their unique hybrid rolling-sliding bearings combine a sleeve and a wheel to give operators fluid camera control and damped motion.

MYT WORKS Sliders are known for smooth motion and perfect starts and stops. High quality machining allows for consistent performance and damage resistance over years of use and professional wear and tear. Small Glide Sliders have a rail span of 5 inches and handle loads up to 25 lbs. They are suitable for any camera from a DSLR to a fully loaded Arri Alexa and any camera in between, including popular Black Magic, Canon, Panasonic, RED and Sony cameras. Designed by a filmmaker to meet the practical needs of camera operators and grips, Glide sliders have a portable, modular design for ease of use and numerous quick setups in any shooting environment. All MYT Works sliders are designed, manufactured and assembled in New York City from machined, industrial-grade, non-corrosive aluminum and steel.


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Camera Head Compatibility Flat Mount, 75mm, 100mm Glide Load Capacity 25 lbs 11.3 kg Glide Carriage Travel 26" - 50" 660 - 1270 mm Glide Rail Diameter 0.4" 10 mm Rail Span 5" 127 mm Glide Rail Profile Single Glide Mounting Options* Tripod (75mm, 100mm) 5/8" Pin (Light Stand, C-Stand, Pigeon Stud) Baby Feet Motor Option? No Glide Weight 6 lbs - 8 lbs 2.9 kg - 3.4 kg Hi-Hat Compatibility/Size Small (4") Hi-Hat Weight 0 lbs - 2 lbs 0.1 kg - 0.8 kg Thread Size(s) Various 1/4"-20, 3/8"-16, and 1/2"-13 threads available.